Friday, January 16, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

The Market Is Off Its Lithium
David Stockman on the Swiss franc, gold, the euro, stocks, Treasuries, and so much more.

What Does Charlie Hebdo Have To Do With Free Speech?

A Noxious Cloud of Hypocrisy
It’s hanging over Europe. Article by Daniel McAdams.

‘I Am Paul Craig Roberts’
Robert Wenzel on why neocons are flipping out.

It’s OK To Degrade Disfavored Groups
But not favored ones. Glenn Greenwald on the Western free speech scam.

How Long Can the US Pretend
That gold is worth $42.22 an ounce? Article by Koos Jansen.

4 Tips to Keep Your Car on the Road
Eric Peters on how simple maintenance can avoid costly repairs.

Welcome to the Anthropocene Era
It all started with The Bomb on July 16, 1945.

Al Gore, Wrong Again

Polar ice continues to thrive. Article by Rolf E. Westgard.

The First Coke?
It was Bordeaux mixed with cocaine…and 23 other fascinating facts about the soft drink.

Is Decaf Coffee Healthier?
Consider the chemical solvents used for processing and stick with the regular brew, says Sarah Corriher.

The 82% Fat Diet
Lose weight, be healthier, avoid hunger pangs, but lay-off the carbs, says Trudi Deakin.