Friday, January 30, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Reading Is Our Passion

LRC readers pick their favorite books for January.

Homeschool Children Kidnapped
By government, of course. Article by Gary North.

Suppressing the Truth About the Boston Bombing
Russ Baker tells all.

LBJ, Hillary
, and Other Government Criminals
An amazing Roger Stone interview.

How Accurate Is American Sniper?

Well, there was a shooter.

Cops Target Teenage Snow Shovelers
The anti-social want their cut, says Martin Armstrong.

The Worst in the Modern World?
Patrick L. Smith on the decline and fall of the American airport.

You Must Love, Honor, and Obey
The cops, or it may be a hate crime, says Eric Peters.

Don’t Talk to the Media
That’s always good advice, but especially after a self-defense shooting.

Foul Play Still Not Ruled Out
Maylasia Air 370 disappearance officially declared an accident, without evidence.

Do You Really Need an Antiperspirant?
They make you smell worse. I quit them 40 years ago, says Dr. Joe Mercola.

What If Stores Are Empty and Prepping Illegal?

Daisy Luther on learning old-fashioned skills.