Monday, January 12, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Je Suis Donald
Whatever happened to NBA owner Donald Sterling’s free speech?

I Will Never Vaccinate My Child

Bill Sardi explains the plain and awful facts.

Broadcast Drivel
How Theodore Dalrymple filters it out.

In Solidarity With a Free Press
Glenn Greenwald offers some blasphemous cartoons that would get him jailed in France, Germany, England, et al.

The State Is a Crime
While the vast majority of the “crimes” it enforces against us are anything but. Article by Peter Bistoletti.

Trade Embargoes Destroy Freedom
And promote war. Article by Ryan McMaken.

License To Kill
Paul Craig Roberts on the police threat.

The Road to War With Russia

We’re not only on it, we’ve already arrived
, says Chris Martenson.

Is Prince Andrew Really That Sleazy?
By the standards of the House of Hanover, from whom he stems, his vulgarities and follies seem mild.

The Empire Is Hated All Around the World
While US boobs think they’re admired and loved. Article by Ann Jones.

More Jails Than Colleges
Tyler Durden on the Prison State of America.

10 Classic Books
Not exactly appreciated in their time.