Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Break Up the US
Lew Rockwell on the libertarian principle of secession.

The Enemy Combatant Fraud
Andrew P. Napolitano on "anti-terrorism."

A Titanic Cover-Up?
20 questions that remain unanswered. Article by Christopher Condon.

Monetary Psychopaths
Ron Paul on crony central banksters.

Greeks Oppose Sanctions on Russia
Call them “neocolonial bulimia,” says Mish Shedlock.

What Iranian Threat?
Actually, it’s the threat of deterence to the empire, says Steven Chovanec.

They’re Fun, Safe, and Oh So Useful
Paul Huebl on private drones.

The Social Implications of American Sniper
An ex-Marine speaks out on Chris Kyle. Article by Robert Barsocchini.

How Many Do You Possess?
13 traits of truly likeable people.

How To Reduce the Amount of Air in a Football
Without letting any air out. Article by Alec Rawls.

The Black Death
10 good outcomes of the most terrible pestilence mankind has ever seen.

Keep Your Nose Warm
Dr. Victor Marchione on the one easy step to avoiding a cold.