Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

The Hilarious Racism of Al Sharpton
Walter Williams wonders why it’s considered OK.

Hurts So Good
When exactly are falling prices bad? Article by Peter Schiff.

Winning the Death Trophy
Roger Young on the militarization of college football.

The Equality Racket
It can tear a society apart, says Thomas Sowell.

10 Commandments for Congress
If the lizards had a drop of principle. Article by Ron Paul.

Criticizing Israel
There’s a right way, and a wrong way, says Paul Gottfried.

Sayonara, World Economy
Mises was right. Article by Jim Quinn.

Why I Hate Skiing
And the Eiffel Tower.

Want an Easy Way To Feel Better?
Give this up, says Margaret Durst.

Sugar vs. Cocaine
Their health effects are shockingly similar.

How To Survive a Winter Storm
Without power. Article by Scott Kelley.

53 Tips To Eating Organically
For $5 a day! Article by Dr. Joe Mercola.