Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Humans Beings Are Highly Unequal
And a good thing, too, says Gary North.

Good for the Swiss
Have they taken the first step towards sound money?

Statism Central
Laurence Vance on the GOP.

The Apparatus of Regimentation and Plunder
And a resisting hero who was driven to his grave. Article by Will Grigg.

Germany Pries More Gold Out of the NY Fed
What’s speeding up repatriation?

Merchants of Smear
Paul Driessen on Algorean hatred of humans, hydrocarbons, capitalism.

Killing Is Unhealthy
Dave Lefcourt on the epidemic of military suicides.

The Dubious FBI
Fake plots get busted, real ones get a pass, says Dave Lindorff.

Ukraine Launches Full Scale War
And Russia turns off the gas.

Don’t Panic
If you see duct tape on your airplane, says Patrick Smith.

In an Age of Rampant Bad Manners
William Hanson on how to be the perfect guest.

Don’t Be Magnesium Deficient
22 health problems result, but the fix can be very simple, says Dr. Joe Mercola.