Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Are You ODD?
Shrinks concoct a new “disease” to stigmatize people like us.

At the Boston Bombing Trial
Expect no truth. Article by Russ Baker.

Will We Be Sent to the Camps?
For political incorrectness, wonders Taki.

Money, Gold, Liberty
Claudio Grass on the dangers ahead.

‘The Only Good Indian Is a Dead Indian’
Will Grigg on the Christian right gospel of genocide.

Monetary Madhouse
Where’s all the massive printing headed? Article by David Stockman.

US Media Are State Media
As the N. Korea-Sony tale shows. Article by Glenn Greenwald.

Murder by Drone
Of many thousands of innocents.

UFO Hysteria
How the CIA manufactured it.

The Giant Clam Reveals the Truth

About Algorean lies, says Anthony Watts.

5 Healing Foods
Enjoy good eats for good health.

The Hound Dog II

And the Lisa Marie. Elvis’s private jets go up for sale.