Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

The Murder of Martin Luther King
Paul Craig Roberts on the cover-up.

The Emerging Counterculture
It’s masculine, says Dan Phillips, MD.

3D Printed 5 Story House Shell
Gary North on the latest in Chinese construction, for $4,800.

Terrorist Leader and His Taped Speeches
Entirely a creation of the US military.

Abolish the Fed, and Auction Off Its Marble Palaces
And audit the whole rotten operation on its way out. Article by Ron Paul.

50 Years After Selma
Are things worse? Article by Pat Buchanan.

American Liar
Why Jesse Ventura is likely to collect millions in the sorry saga of the sniper.

Why Is the US Stonewalling on Malaysia Air 17?
Robert Parry on the failure to lay their compelling evidence on the table.

Prince Charles Should Ditch the Monocle
Only cads and bounders wear one.

What ’s Your Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s?
Take the test.

Disaster Will Happen
10 steps to be ready, even if you’re only beginning. Article by Daisy Luther.

Bad Things Happen When You’re Sleep Derived
8 ways to support your Circadian rhythm and sleep better, from Dr. Joe Mercola.