Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Can the Empire Survive?
Thierry Meyssan on the crisis gripping the US state.

The Persians Are Coming!
Or so claim the frothing neocons. Article by Pat Buchanan.

Using Women’s Photos
To lure stupid men. Article by Gary North.

From the Absurd to the Insane
Paul Craig Roberts on Washington’s war on Russia.

Use Cash
It makes financial and social sense, says Joseph Salerno.

Bureaucrats Have Always Been Corrupt
Martin Armstrong on the ancient Romans.

7 Big Lies
American Sniper is telling whoppers about Chris Kyle’s character, and the backlash is growing.

The Man With 26 Million Students
Mish Shedlock on the college drop-out who started Codeacademy, where you can learn coding for free.

Fight Every Traffic Ticket
How one man lost his job due to a state records foul-up 17 years ago.

Don’t You Need Your Own Drone?
You’d be a better pilot than the bureaucratic drunk who crashed his on the White House lawn.

The Truth Deniers

Dr. Tim Ball on the climate liars.

Can You Regenerate a Damaged Brain?
Mike Barrett on the inexpensive spice that can help grow new stem cells.