Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

He Wrote the Book on Vitamin C
Dr. Thomas Levy on the anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-toxin.

Remembering Mario Cuomo
And the rest of the NY political circus. Article by Murray Rothbard.

Prepare for a Hyper-Volatile 2015
Diversify with precious metals stored outside the US, says Marc Faber.

Shut Up, Officer
Being a cop is not very dangerous, says Karl Denninger.

My New Film on the CIA Coup
Oliver Stone on imperial expansion.

Propaganda Comes of Age
And with it, an alarming distortion of reality.

AirAsia: a Pilot Weighs In
Patrick Smith on dangerous weather, black boxes, and more.

The Volcano That Swallowed the Western World
And other forgotten super-disasters.

7 Things ‘Back to the Future’ Predicted for 2015
How many came true?

Plan as If Your Life Depends on It
Dr. Joe Alton on winter car survival.

20 Steps To Help Weather Economic Disaster
Daisy Luther on financial and physical peparedness.

Is Your Doctor Pushing You To Get a Colonoscopy?
6 reasons to think twice.