Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Washington Post Head-Up-Your-Arse “Reporting”

-Thomas DiLorenzo
So the Washington Post sent a “reporter” to spy on the Mises Insitute’s conference on secession last weekend.  As is typical  of all the “mainstream media,” the “reporter” never intended to actually report on anything of substance that was said there.  His obvious purpose was to smear Ron Paul, one of the speakers.  He attempted to do this by writing a typical Washington Post high schoolish, juvenile garble of gossipy innuendo about how Rand Paul should be embarrassed by his father.  And of course there is the overshadowing  theme that anyone who even spells the word secession correctly (many mis-spell it as “succession”) is a nut.

If the “reporter” were actually an honest man and a professional, he could have easily learned that secession is quite an important idea in the minds of people all over the world.     It was certainly an important idea in the minds of the former victims of the Soviet empire.

For example, there are 32 secessionist movements in Africa; 114 secessionist movements in Europe; 20 secessionist movements in North America; 83 secessionist movements in Asia; 11 secessionist movements in South America;  and 26 secessionist movements in Oceania.  Neo-Confederates are everywhere!  (How did the Washington Post miss all those white hoods?!)