Friday, January 16, 2015

Mother Faces 2 Years in Prison for Treating Son with Marijuana

-Ron Paul
Hello everybody and thank you for tuning this. There’s a special case going on in Minnesota now with a mother who’s worrying about taking care of her 15-year-old son. It’s a tragic story and the government is compounding it.

Angela has a son that was hit with a baseball when he was 11 years old and was unconscious for a long time but has recovered to some degree and is trying to get an education, severe pain, and is having a very, very difficult time. The doctors give him a lot of different medications, none of the medications relieve his symptoms, and she, on her own, decided that she would try cannabis oil.

She went to Colorado and got some and brought it back, and lo and behold it was miraculously helping him. He was doing so much better, but guess what? The police officials came in. It was reported to the authorities. So the authorities thought, “Well, she’s doing something illegal and we got to crack down on this,” regardless of the fact that it was helping her child. They have arrested her, they are threatening her with two years in prison, and ironically this story even gets sillier than this because she lives in a state that you’re allowed to use medicinal marijuana—but not until July of this year. It’s illegal now, technically, and it’s going to be legal in July. She is doing this with tremendous help for her child and yet the government wants to put her in prison for two years.

This really raises the question, what is the future for decriminalization?