Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Obama, Drones, and Privacy

-John Keller
The Maximum Leader of the US government calls for regulating drones to protect people’s privacy. So the government will put regulations in place to prevent a drone with a camera hovering outside my window invading my privacy to the same extent as a peeping Tom with a ladder. Then I compare that to the privacy invasions of the US Government’s various agencies that:
  • Register every birth with a tax number
  • Track physical address with a driver’s license
  • Open and read much of our physical mail
  • Open and read all our email
  • Track every website we visit
  • Track every credit card transaction we make
  • Track the movement of money in and out of every account
  • Listen in on all our phone calls
  • Read all our texts
  • Monitor our social media posts
  • Track our movements via our mobile phones and license plates
  • Use radar technology to peep into our houses
  • Strip us down and pat us down at the airport or train station
  • Assassinate anyone, anywhere on the planet for any reason or none USING A DRONE
Note to White House: Protect my privacy by dismantling this virtual panopticon before putting regulations in place for a non-issue.