Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paris Attack, Blowback, is Ron Paul Right?

-Ron Paul Institute
RPI Chairman Ron Paul was criticized for daring to mention "blowback" in relation to the recent attack on a provocative French magazine. The usual neocon outlets made their usual superficial accusations that Dr. Paul was somehow justifying the attack. But is it justifying an attack to simply look to the possible motivations for the attack? Logic tells us it is not. Is it not true that France has pursued an extremely aggressive foreign policy in predominantly-Muslim countries, including participation in the bombing of Libya and support for Islamic radicals attempting to overthrow Assad in Syria. With France's large Muslim population, is it not possible for some to be motivated to strike back at state and other organs perceived as the most anti-Muslim in France?

Also, Czech President Zemin on the Ukraine coup and the NATO/EU/US anger at central European governments who dare to question sanctions on Russia.

RPI Director Daniel McAdams and Jay Taylor team up again to look at the main events of the week.