Friday, January 16, 2015

The 4 Media Corners of the State

-Lew Rockwell
Tom Woods makes the point that the entire establishment reads off the same 3×5 card of conventional opinion. For example, in the recent moral panic denouncing the Ron Paul Institute for publishing a dissident column by Paul Craig Roberts, neocon, prog, conservative, and regime libertarian media joined as one. (Not hard, as Tom would note.) The official story is always right, especially if it concerns the current excuse for war. Anyone with a different opinion must be demonized. Note that no argument is ever made. It’s always, Eek, a mouse! But the SOP of the establishment is getting rickety. Smart people don’t trust the media and its gang of muggers. The hate campaigns are backfiring.

Note: LRC and others published the same PCR column, but the assault on RPI is part of the continuing establishment attempt to silence Ron Paul. Good luck on that one, boys and girls.