Monday, January 5, 2015

Will This Congress Take Up The Audit the Fed Bill?

-Ron Paul
The 114th Congress will soon be open for business. A big question for many of us is whether or not the Senate will get a vote on the legislation to audit the Fed.

The House has passed on two occasions the bill I first proposed many years ago to audit the Fed. Harry Reid blocked it from ever coming up for a vote in the Senate. With the elections of 2014, conditions have dramatically changed with the Republican takeover of the Senate. If public pressure continues, they should once again pass the legislation in the House.

The big question becomes, what will Mitch McConnell do? Will he allow a vote on Sen. Rand Paul;s legislation, or will he back away from it now that he is in a position of being able to bring it to the Senate floor? It’s actually hard to say.