Saturday, February 28, 2015

How I Blew the Minds of Unsuspecting Law Students

-Tom Woods Letter
I've Been Spreading the Word

I'm late with the newsletter this time around because I've been doing a lot of traveling, including -- believe it or not -- a pleasure trip. I went on a cruise with economist Bob Murphy and a bunch of people associated with the Ron Paul movement. Two days after arriving home, I spoke at Florida Atlantic University and then to a class at the law school at Florida International University.

That class, which was a regular law school class and not a bunch of conservatives or libertarians, heard me explain the differences between the compact and nationalist theories of the Union, and the radical implications of the fact that the compact theory happens to be true -- namely, that nullification and secession are perfectly acceptable courses of action and altogether in line with the American tradition.

My talk was surprisingly well received. I go out of my way to be as scholarly and articulate as possible in environments like that, in order to make my case as plausible and persuasive as possible to the average person, who is liable to be skeptical of an argument that runs counter to everything he's ever been taught.

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