Friday, February 6, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

What a Mistake To Annex Texas
The Louisiana Purchase, too. Article by Ryan McMaken.

The Sears Death Spiral
Eric Englund on the crazed Wall Street gimmick that did them in.

Why Did ISIS Burn the Jordanian Pilot?
Pat Buchanan on 4 possibilities.

Lon Horiuchi: American Sniper
Will Grigg on another Christian shooter for the State.

Short the Federal Reserve
Buy gold, says Marc Faber.

The US Incinerates People With Hellfire Missiles
But that’s civilized, unlike ISIS, says Glenn Greenwald.

Cash Hoarding on the Rise
Why let the banksters have yours when rates are pitifully low, says Martin Armstrong.

Do Women Still Come on to an Oldie?
Or is that a thing of the past? Article by Taki.

Where Are the Greeks Stashing Their Cash?
It’s not a bank run; it’s a bank marathon.

Conspiracy Theories
Some are true—some aren’t. Article by Michel Chossudovsky.

Who, Me?
Politicians and pot smoking.

Your Baby Blues
What do your eyes reveal about your health? Article by Dr. Victor Marchione.