Friday, February 13, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Why the Fuss About National Borders?
They’re hardly sacred.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
New name—old cure still illegal. Article by Gary North.

Doug Casey on ISIS, Gold, and Oil
And why he thinks Putin is the smartest politician.

Time To Strangle the Big Banks
David Stockman on how and why.

Blank Check for Professional Hitmen
And the Merchants of Death. Article by Ron Paul.

Cop Worship
Will Grigg on the Gospel of Leviathan.

Seeds of Crisis and War
Jim Quinn on the continuing Fourth Turning.

Farce or Sellout?
Paul Craig Roberts thinks the neocon empire will wreck the Minsk peace agreement.

Bugging Out in Reality, Not in a Dream
Todd Savage on 8 critical factors.

The smallest countries in the world have declared their independence.

A Simple Way To Rejuvenate Your Body

6 health benefits of dry skin brushing. Article by Edward Group.

Is This Toxic Trifecta Lurking in Your Food
These substances are implicated in autism and Alzheimer’s, says Dr. Joe Mercola.