Friday, February 20, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Too Good for War Junkies
Jim Karger remembers Hunter S. Thompson.

Undermine Keynes
He’s more dangerous than ever, says Gary North.

Beware of Greeks Not Bearing Gifts
We need repudiation of government debt, and an exit from the euro, says David Stockman.

‘Violent Extremism’
Theirs or ours?

Police State NJ
72-year-old faces 10 years in prison for owning flintlock pistol.

The Tesla Fraud
We’re forced to send our money to a billionaire. Article by Eric Peters.

Hapax Legomenon
Ancient words we’ll probably never be able to translate.

From John Wayne to American Sniper.

CIA Climate Change
Weaponising the weather.

Wargaming a Grexit
How would it affect the price of gold?

Another Reason To Stay Out of Hospitals
A deadly superbug outbreak was caused by a bacteria-infected, reusable instrument.

Nature’s Prescriptions
Good foods to prevent and treat health issues.