Monday, February 2, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Pig Ignorant
Fred Reed on the White House, Pentagon, American public, and the Middle East.

LRC’s 10 Best-Read Articles for January 2015

Did you miss any?

Invest in Cash
Joseph Salerno on the 1st step towards honest banking.

Despots of Democracy

Theodore Dalrymple on Greece.

His Life Ruined for a Quip
Will Grigg on the Beaumont, Texas, cops versus a mentally challenged kid.

This Fascist Regime
The police state is upon us, says Paul Craig Roberts.

The Gigantic Burden of Government
How much longer can the US economy bear it? Article by Robert Higgs.

Gunman as Hero
Children as appropriate victims. Janet Weil on American Sniper.

Mexican Standoff
Peter Tenebrarum on the entertaining saga of Greeks, debts, and EU politics.

Sherman’s March
The US exports his war crimes to the world. Article by David Swanson.

A Recession That Will Be Remembered for 100 Years

Shares will tumble, says hedge-fund whiz.

The Common Tomato
It’s better than dangerous statins for lowering cholesterol, says Barbara Minton.