Monday, February 16, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Down With the Presidency
It’s the locus of government evil, says Lew Rockwell.

The Literally Sickening Official Diet
Did it do vast harm by arrogant incompetence, or design? Article by Bill Sardi.

Cannibals Run the Government
Butler Shaffer on why the regime is doomed.

Central Banks Bought Gold in 2014
Did you? Article by Gary North.

The Earth Is the State’s
And the fullness thereof. Article by Theodore Dalrymple.

The Neocon ‘Long War’
It’s the criminal Great War of the American empire, says Michael S. Rozeff.

Millions of Americans Will Fight for Their Gun Rights
Left-liberals need to understand why, says Paul Huebl.

The Nuclear Specter Returns
Bigger and more threatening than ever.

Flags of the World Quiz
Can you pass?

Is Someone Flirting With You?
The 26 signs.

Grow Your Own
3 steps to a successful garden. Article by Tess Pennington.

Save Your Health and Wallet
Barbara Minton on 6 “healthy” food illusions.