Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Self-Driving Car?
Actually, you’ll be driven by cops and spies. Article by David Hathaway.

Jon and Me
Andrew P. Napolitano on his surprising friendship with Jon Stewart.

How To Teach Revisionist History
And how to learn it. Article by Gary North.

Wall Street’s Calling the Sheep

Buy the dip now; join the slaughter later, says David Stockman.

Are You Ready for Total War?
Total currency war, that is. Article by Ron Holland.

From Bad to Worse With No End in Sight
See the massive union-caused port chokehold in real-time.

President Gollum

And his Precious. Article by Robert Parry.

Locating Lucifer
It’s become a devil of a job.

Good Circulation Means Good Health
4 solutions for perpetually cold hands and feet, from Dr. Victor Marchione.

States That Treat Drivers the Worst
How does yours rank?

What’s Up With the Year of the Goat?
It may be good for gold and silver, but not so much for Earth.

Got Whiskey?
Gaye Levy on why some uncommon items belong in your first aid kit.