Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Redneck Ethnic Cleansing
Jim Bovard on a forgotten crime of the fascist FDR.

The Middle Class Is Shrinking
Is Nixon the culprit? Article by Gary North.

The Truth About Economic Injustice
It has nothing to do with inequality. Article by Walter Williams.

The Good Doctor

Ron Paul, MD, on vaccination and freedom.

Is Government a Thief?
Laurence Vance on the libertarian view.

He Ripped Off LRC, Too

Dale Steinreich on Lyin’ Brian.

Taki’s Urgent Suggestions

For the survival of the Greek nation.

Warmonger Caught in Lies
Not the ones that led to a mountain of corpses, however. Article by Gerald Celente.

The Biggest Science Scandal Ever
Government-paid scientists fake data to make cold seem hot.

Is Your Name Is On This List?
Prepare to be audited—or worse.

Arabian Sniper

Kent McManigal on Abdul.

30 Times More Nutritious
Grow these organic vegetables cheaply and quickly, says Dr. Joe Mercola.