Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Must-Read Works of Liberty
2 new books from Tom Woods that can help change the country. Article by Lew Rockwell.

Greece: Repudiate Your Bankster Debts
Then escape the euro, says David Stockman.

Christians Can Opt Out of ObamaCare
This outrages lefties. Tough, says Gary North.

US-Russia War?
The future could be radioactive. Article by Pat Buchanan.

The American Sniper Question
Jack Kerwick on stubborn ignorance.

Teaching Us To Accept the Police State
John W. Whitehead on reality TV.

It’s the American Tradition
Brion McClanahan on the history of secession.

They Can’t Predict a Snow Storm
Or temperatures. It’s trouble for the Algoreans, says Thomas Sowell.

Cops Hate Waze
That’s a reason to love it, says Eric Peters.

How To Survive
Look to yourself, gain street smarts, and hope for bona fortuna, says Martin Armstrong.

Brain Foods

For good moods. Article by Margaret Durst.

What’s the Cause of Most Chronic Illness?

Dr. Joe Mercola on 7 foods and 4 spices to rid your body of it.