Monday, February 2, 2015

MUST Russia Be Stopped?

-Michael S. Rozeff
Significant numbers of people in America have the following sentiment: “Russia MUST be stopped, it cannot be allowed to take over other countries at will. I just wish that Obama would see the light of day and provide military aid to Ukraine to offset the enemy.”

A reading of this article may help place Putin in a different light for those who think he’s another Hitler. For a discussion of the propaganda alleging Russian aggression, see here.

Putin had years to make a move on Ukraine if he had wanted to take it over. He’s had important posts in Russia since 1999. He never made such a move, never hinted at it, never built up a military force to accomplish it and never wrote books or made speeches to prepare Russians or the world for such a bold move. The current turmoil in Ukraine is not of Putin’s making. He’s been reacting to events in Ukraine that he did not initiate. He reacted to Kiev’s attacks on eastern Ukraine. Furthermore, his reactions have not been to take over Ukraine, which the Russian armed forces could have accomplished swiftly had he ordered them to do so.