Monday, February 2, 2015

Opposing Iraq War and Chris Kyle

-Voices of Liberty
Sheldon Richman stirred up a lot of adverse reaction with a recent article on Chris Kyle, the man behind the new blockbuster “American Sniper.” It’s like deja vu all over again from 2003 when we were opposing Iraq war.

It had nothing to do with 9/11. It was a clear-cut war of aggression. The brutal sanctions that had been enforced against Iraq have gone on for 11 years. Two high U.N. officials had resigned in protest to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children that had been killed. You had Madeline Albright five years before saying the deaths of half a million Iraqi children were worth it. It was clear that U.S. officials were interested in regime change, and they just used the 9/11 fear to accomplish what the sanctions had not accomplished.

We were there opposing this as a clear-cut war of aggression. The troops had no right to kill even one single Iraqi, much less torture them and detain them in Abu Ghraib and so forth. The hate mail flooded in about how we needed to support the troops and how we need to rally behind the government and it’s our team versus their team. It seems to me that this is just a repeat of that—that people, statists especially, cannot confront the fact that their government was the aggressor nation in this conflict, that Iraq was the defending nation, that the United States had attacked a country that had never attacked the United States. It had never threatened to attack the United States. And of course, use the troops as the instrument by which to affect that.

That is the reason why very few people call for an official investigation into George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in order to figure out that this was a sham. It was a charade. They were pulling on the American people with WMDs and all of that nonsense in order to make the troops feel better about wrongfully killing people and to make the American people feel better about supporting the troops who were wrongfully killing people.