Friday, February 13, 2015

Ron Paul Rips Apart the War State

-Voices of Liberty
A man whose name is on most of my shirts, Ron Paul, joined the show to break down President Obama’s new war resolution. We covered a lot of ground. From letters of marque and reprisal as a possibility for defeating the Islamic State to partisanship and the reality of blowback.

“It’s the biggest mess in foreign policy I can conceive of,” the former Republican congressman said.

On the Islamic State news Dr. Paul explained, “It really hurts us who are trying to get the people to understand what’s really going on because all you have to do is have one person burned to death or one people beheaded. And they don’t think about the 60 that were beheaded in Saudi Arabia last year, and how Saudi Arabia may well have been instrumental in the financing of 9/11.”

I asked Paul how to get this message through to the political right. What if we just blamed Bill Clinton for blowback? Would that work better? He replied, “It’s really amazing how much partisanism there is, and yet the parties are the same!”

Ron Paul is optimistic but also realistic about spreading the message of liberty. “With people like Snowden around, it becomes even easier for us. But there still is a lot of ignorance out there and the need to just go along. You can imagine how the zombies will follow Hillary once she gets going.”

What’s next for Ron Paul? A book to be “out someday” on war, from Paul’s memory of World War II to his protests on the House Floor. Thanks for listening.