Monday, March 9, 2015

How Many GOP Neocons in the Federal Senate?

-Lew Rockwell
Now we know: 47. That’s the number of chickenhawks and other war criminals who signed a threatening letter to Iran. The 47, all in the pay of a foreign lobby, or who are desperate to be, salivate at the prospect of mass murder. They, like their funders, want the subjugation and destruction of yet another anti-jihadi Muslim power (like Iraq, Libya, and–they hope–Syria) so that the empire and satrap can divide and conquer. Of course, the US has a special hate for Iran–a poor. threatened, and non-aggressive country–for tossing out the US shah. The list of US anti-Iranian crimes is a long one. Remember, in this and all other areas: GOP stands for Gathering of Predators.