Friday, March 27, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Nightmare Over the Alps
Eric S. Margolis on being hijacked, and how to stop pilot mass murders.

Allied Troops Raped 285,000 German Women
The Soviets raped hundreds of thousands more.

ISIS as an Adjunct of the Empire
The NY Times makes a mistake.

Quasi-Universal Intergalactic Moolah
And 9 other paper currencies with hidden images and symbols.

The Greatest Threat to Life on Earth
Paul Craig Roberts on the exceptional empire.

Government Can’t Keep Us Safe
Not from a pilot, not from a missile tech, says Robert Wenzel.

Resistance Is Futile
Your government-equipped spymobile won’t let you, says Eric Peters.

Cops Kill With Impunity
Using their cars.

4 Gun Friendly Countries
Can you guess them? Article by Simon Black.

Do You Know Your State Speed Limits?
Check the chart.

Beware the Offendatrons
8 things you didn’t know that bug them.

Don’t Just Manage Your Allergies
End them by ridding your body of yeast overgrowth.