Monday, March 2, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Muscular Foreign Policy
It’s anti-masculine, says Dan Phillips.

10 Best-Read Articles on LRC
Did you miss any?

Take Less of a Beating From the Tax Man
Gary North on where to live in the US.

You’re a Conservative
If you believe the exceptional empire should run the globe. Article by Paul Gottfried.

Cut Out the Banksters
Joseph T. Salerno on how hi-tech lending can end fractional reserves.

Why the War Fever?
Because the 1% are terrified. Article by Ron Holland.

To Vote, You Should Have a 145 IQ
And other reforms for the idiocracy from Fred Reed.

When Were Care, Courtesy, and Respect Replaced?
By envy, greed, and bragging among the rich, asks Taki.

Another Anti-Putin False Flag?
Stephen Lendman on the murder of a paid US ally in Moscow.

The Non-Stop Drive for Secession
Catalonians lead their country to total independence.

What Caliber Handgun?
For everyday carry.

Arthritis Relief Without Drugs
Margaret Durst on potent natural remedies you may not be aware of.