Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Deadly Government Labs
Felix Bronstein on the threat they pose.

The Fix Is in
Russ Baker on the Boston bombing trial.

You’re 55 Times More Likely To Be Killed by a Cop
Than by a terrorist.

The New American Diaspora
Peter Schiff on opting-out of overbearing government.

First, Repudiate Government Debt
And four other steps to fixing Greece’s problems. Article by Frank Hollenbeck.

How the Chevy Monza Was Neutered
By the the government. Article by Eric Peters.

Netanyahu’s False Narrative
Marjorie Cohn on the truth.

Paul Allen’s Sub Locates Japanese Flagship
Sunk with 1,000 men onboard by the US.

Snow on the Beach in SoCal
The Algoreans will blame it on global warming, says Anthony Watts.

How To Create a Safe Room
Any home or apartment can have protection against violent invaders, says Daisy Luther.

‘Daylight Savings’ Time
Even the name of this unhealthy government intervention is a lie. Article by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Eliminate Shingles Quickly and Naturally
No doctors, no drugs, no vaccines.