Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Our Fear of Fear
And how the government uses it for pure evil.

Democracy Is Increasingly Dysfunctional
Marc Faber on what’s ahead.

Criminal Violence as Political Theater
SOP for the FBI, says William Norman Grigg.

US Power Elite Seeks Global Domination
Thus the anti-Venezuela sanctions, says Michael S. Rozeff.

Truth Is Our True Country
Paul Craig Roberts on honest journalism.

Roving Bands of Official Highwaymen
Eric Peters on the only way to deal with civil asset forfeiture.

Where the Ultra-Super-Rich Live
Tyler Durden has the map.

Outlaw Conspiracy Theories
Only the official version can be allowed.

First They Lie. When That Fails
They arrest you. Article by Charles Hugh Smith.

Got Rashes, Hives, Unusual Skin Problems?
Margaret Durst on how to cure yourself from the inside out.

Ruins of the Lost City of Atlantis
Are they on dry land?

Your Emotional Baggage
Is it sabotaging your health? Article by Dr. Joseph Mercola.