Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

War on Cash
Joseph Salerno on the latest government assault.

Should the Majority Rule the Rest of Us?
Walter Williams doesn’t confuse democracy with freedom.

No Wonder Neocons Like Hillary
She’s a conservative Republican, says Laurence Vance.

After 12-Years of Crime in Iraq
The US government must just march home, says Ron Paul.

What Car Would You Buy?
In a freer market. Article by Eric Peters.

Are US Deposits Safe From Bail-Ins?
In Greece, bank runs intensify, looting likely.

Stoning the Central Bank
Cypriots let the all-powerful banksters know how they feel.

Stop! You’re Not Peeling Oranges Properly
Here’s the fastest, cleanest way to do it.

Is Coffee Good for Your Heart?
Yes! Enjoy 4 cups a day, says Dr. Victor Marchione.

Never Air-Butter Your Bread
How to eat difficult foods in public with elegance.

If Your Wrists Were Bound With Duct Tape
Here’s how to escape and save your life.

Nazi Bunkers in Argentina
Found deep in the jungle.