Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

What’s Anarcho-Capitalism?
Ben Swann talks to Lew Rockwell.

Were They Scoundrels?
The Founding Fathers.

DOJ’s Race Racket
Thomas Sowell on “disparate impact.”

The Day After
A frightening, all-too-timely story of nuclear war.

Bibi Wants Another War
We shouldn’t fight it for him, says Pat Buchanan.

Gut the Civil Rights Act
Freedom of association is for all, says Tom Mullin.

Beware of Neocon Intellectuals
They threaten peace, freedom, and civilization itself. Article by Andrew J. Bacevich.

10 Commandments of NO
James Altucher on this very powerful word.

Are You Ready for Hard Times?
9 things you can do now to prepare for an uncertain future. Article by Gaye Levy.

5 Healthiest Cooking Oils
And 4 to run from. Article by Barbara Minton.

Lost Gods of Prehistoric Michigan
Henriette Mertz on the destruction of ancient inscribed artifacts.

Antithetical to Love
Tofu, hot dogs, broccoli, and 12 other foods.