Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Socially Pathological Tiptoeing
Around the intolerant bullies of PC. Article by Scott Lazarowitz.

Inside Jokes
Is there a federal contest to come up with the most ridiculous lies?

Man of Peace
Laurence M. Vance on a hero the Baptist warmongers don’t want you knowing about.

Postcard From the End of America
Linh Dinh on Washington, D.C.

Ruinous Racial Compassion
Thomas Sowell on the minimum wage.

Bloodthirsty Neocons Rule the GOP
Pat Buchanan on the path to presidential defeat.

The Economic War Against Russia
Ron Holland on how Putin can win it.

Victory for Vaccination Refusal
How a nurse fired for a rejecting flu shots won her lawsuit.

Time To Renew Your Driver’s License?
States demand more biometric data.

Locked and Loaded
Should you carry a round in the chamber? Article by Jeffrey Denning.

Spectacular Celestial Trifecta
A solar eclipse, supermoon, and spring equinox on one day.

Put Down That Razor!
Women prefer men with beards.