Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

Bibi: What, Me Worry?
Eric Margolis on who’s in charge.

Jesse Ventura is Off the Grid
And he wants Lew Rockwell in his presidential campaign.

Cold War II
This time, the commies are In Washington, says William Norman Grigg.

Why Do American Weapons End Up in Enemy Hands?
Or are they not enemies? Article by Ron Paul.

Don’t Take the Starbucks CEO Too Seriously
When it comes to “Race Together,” says Robert Wenzel.

Russia Under Attack
Unjustly and dangerously, says Paul Craig Roberts.

The Steps Toward WW3
They’re eerily reminiscent of WW1.

8 Odd Things
You can do with a potato. Article by Anne Schweitzer.

Who Invented the Wheel?
And when? You might be surprised.

Paleo Beer?
Gluten-free brews are catching on.

Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley
Rick Osmon on merchants and foreign trade, 100BC-500AD.

Belly Fat Burners
Foods to eat or avoid to reduce your waist size.