Friday, April 10, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

The Purity of the Yankee Soul
Fred Reed on the Northern politics of race.

Mark Twain Would Have Loved Ron Paul
Michael S. Alford on libertarian men of peace.

Instant Up-Tick for World Economies
But only if politicians don’t impose trade tariffs, says Bill Sardi.

You’re Delusional
If you think you live in a free country, says Paul Craig Roberts.

The US Lost Its Wars on Iraq and Afghanistan
Michael S. Rozeff on the admissions of a 3-star general.

Killing for the Sake of It
Dmitry Orlov on the grisly reality of the failing US empire.

Ruthless Discrimination Is OK in Romance
And in the rest of life, too, says Julian Adorney.

The Little Truck That Thrashed Corvettes
Eric Peters on the Syclone, and why it was killed after only one year.

Is Diet Coke Making You Fat?
It expands your waistline.

How To Set Up a Water Catchment System
It might mean your survival.

6 Ways Not To Grip a Pistol
Don’t risk control of your weapon, missing your target, or spilling your own blood, says Jeffrey Demming.

What’s So Great About Coconuts?
Absolutely everything.