Friday, April 17, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

US Teeters on the Economic Edge
Thanks to the dollar bubble, says Ron Paul.

FDR Wiretapped Leonard Read
Jacob G. Hornberger on another crime of the New Deal warmonger.

New Libertarian Country in Europe
The national motto of Liberland: to live and let live.

Dying of Love?
You need a change of venue, says Taki.

Nazi, Cross-Dressing, Nymphomaniac, Dominatrix Prostitute
Dutch central banker exposed.

Pretty White Women Get Paid More
Than surly black men. Article by Victor J. Ward.

Class President of a Failed Generation
David Stockman on Hillary Clinton.

Spend Thousands, Save $100 a Year – Maybe
Why “smart home” technology is a very bad deal.

The Most Popular Ammo Calibers?
Consider this when purchasing firearms for the long haul.

Worried About Deteriorating Vision?
Dr. Joseph Mercola on superfoods for your eyes.

Accredit Yourself
Charles Hugh Smith on the eroding value of credentials in the real world of work.

Hitler in Lederhosen
Found: embarrassing photos.