Monday, April 13, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

There Is Much To Be Said for States
That don’t function very well, says Theodore Dalrymple.

Bennie and the Debts
Does Bernanke just hate Germans?

Never Shush Teenage Girl Thugs in a Movie Theatre
They’ll beat your brains out. Article by Gary North.

Jack’s $29 Challenge
To Gwyneth and Hillary.

Kangaroo Court
Joachim Hagopian on the Boston bombing trial’s guilty verdict.

Meet the Secretive Group That Runs the World
The 18-member board of the central bankers’ central bank.

6 Facts About the OKC Bombing
Still being covered up, 20 years later.

An Incredible Self-Sustained Floating Fortress
A family happily lives on it, miles from civilization.

30 of the Best Parents in Literature
Where good ones often seem hard to find.

The ‘Perfect’ Man
What men think women want; what women actually want.

10 Surprising Stories About the Titanic
The great ship’s disaster still grips the imagination of the world.

Can’t Eat All the Vegetables You Should?
7 reasons why juicing is a simpler path to health. Article by Dr. Joseph Mercola.