Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Lincoln Cultists Love the Omnipotent State
See, typically, a protégé of Bill Kristol’s from the NY Times. Article by Thomas DiLorenzo.

Psychiatric Drugs and the Downing of the Germanwings A320
Peter Breggin, MD, talks to Lew Rockwell about Big Pharma and mass murder.

Rubio’s Cube
Jack Perry on a neocon choice for the 8-year throne.

Lone-Nut Assassins That Weren’t
Peter Dale Scott on a continuing American fable.

Drachmas, Dollars, and Debts
Peter Schiff on the Greek-US convergence.

El Jefe Is Awful
But the GOP is worse. Article by Patrick J. Buchanan.

The Real Story of WWII
In the Pacific. Murray Polner on the horror.

When Is Cheryl’s Birthday?
The math problem from a Singapore HS exam that has almost everyone stumped. How about you?

The Year Civilization Collapsed
Do we finally know what happened in 1177BC?

Got Knee Pain?
Dr. Victor Marchione on the most natural, effective relief.

Rethinking an Economic Collapse
10 things to prepare for, including government looting. Article by Gaye Levy.

Fast Natural Remedies for Food Poisoning
Don’t reach for the pink stuff – it’s toxic and radioactive.