Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Man of Blood
Revisionist Ralph Raico on the real Winnie Churchill.

Happy Earth Day
45 years ago, the left celebrated its first holy day. Article by Gary North.

I Made a Very Bad Mistake
Joshua Holmes on joining the US Army.

The US Is the Loudmouth at the Pool Hall, Looking for a Fight
But it may not end well for the bully, says Jack Perry.

The Church and the American Sniper
Max McNabb on sanctifying a professional killer.

You Say You Want a Revolution?
Eric Peters on the abundance of good news.

Tim Hartnett on Victoria Nuland land.

Truth Is the Enemy of the State
Paul Craig Roberts on why.

Battlefield America
John W. Whitehead on the war against the American people.

The FBI’s Mountain of False Convictions
How their lies harmed innocents in tens of thousands of cases.

Kill Germs, Whiten Teeth, Clean Laundry
4 of the many uses for germicidal hydrogen peroxide.

The Denigration of Men
Ridiculed, abused, exploited, thanks to feminism. But change is coming, boys. Article by Peter Lloyd.