Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

The Real Reasons They Hate Iran
It bugs Arab puppets, and champions the underdog, says Eric Margolis.

The Don Fanucci of American Politics
And the real cause of the American "Civil War." Article by Thomas DiLorenzo.

The Broken Window Fallacy?
Gary North on Christian economics in one lesson.

Vocational Sociopath
William Norman Grigg on a killer cop.

Subsidizing Crazed Desert Farming
Ryan McMaken on the California drought.

That Power Outage in Washington, DC
Was there something behind it? Article by Martin Armstrong.

Lying Lie Detectors
Gavin McGinnis on yet another “law enforcement” scam.

Great Engines of Yesterday
Eric Peters misses them, and bets you do, too.

Jail the Climate Deniers!
Algoreans are not only frauds, they’re totalitarians. Article by Eric Worrall.

The Red-Light Camera Lie
About fewer accidents.

Defeat Gum Problems
Christine Sarich on 7 natural home remedies.

How Well Do You Know The Elements?
Take the periodic table quiz.