Tuesday, April 28, 2015

“Liberal Paradise” Up in Flames

-Thomas DiLorenzo
Baltimore Sun columnist Thomas Schaller, a political science professor at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, cheerfully heralded the state of Maryland as a “liberal paradise”in 2013.  Maryland is indeed by far the most left-wing state in America, a veritable showcase of the “liberal” welfare state.  It has huge populations of both government employees and welfare parasites; one of the most generous welfare systems of any state; its “public” schools have long been destroyed by belligerent teachers’ unions; is a very high-tax state;  routinely wages political war on whatever is left of real capitalism — its politicians proudly boast that the regulation of business is more onerous than any other state, and usually exceeds even federal regulatory dictates; and coddles criminals, endlessly repeating the “liberal” mantra that criminals are not responsible for the crimes they commit, “society” is.  And of course the “war on drugs” rages in inner-city Baltimore as much as anywhere, complete with ever-increasing police brutality with an increasingly militarized and federalized police force.

As in many other cities, in Baltimore the black family has been all-but-destroyed by the welfare state (See Losing Ground by Charles Murray for an explanation of how welfare eliminated the stigma that was once attached to abandoning one’s children). The Baltimore Sun reports that, for decades, at least 80% of all black children are born without a father being a part of their life, with white families catching up rapidly.  This has created several Lord-of-the-Flies generations.  The rotten “public” schools in Baltimore city have destroyed the employment opportunities of tens of thousands of these children, while the war on drugs, which has caused skyrocketing drug prices and profits, lures them into lives of crime (and death by crime).  All of this is a recipe for the mindless destruction of small businesses that was on display in yesterday’s riots and looting.  With Al Sharpton reportedly headed to Baltimore, things are bound to get worse before they get better.  No sane business person would ever invest in these neighborhoods.  Once this is realized in a few years, the absence of drug stores, grocery stores, etc. will of course be blamed on the racism of white capitalists.  “Paradise” will at last have been realized.