Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ron Paul and the 1st Modern Tea Party

-Yvonne Kelly
How well I remember the excitement on Dec. 16, 2007. A Ron Paul moneybomb–initiated and run by volunteers–had started that morning, and a massive crowd of supporters had gathered on the docks at the Western Seafood warehouse on the Brazos River for the first Tea Party rally, to support Ron’s presidential race. People came from all over Texas and other states, and dressed in period garb. We dumped barrels labeled Tea in the river. Ron helped.

I remember checking my iPhone and telling the crowd what the count was before Ron came up to speak. The vast warehouse was was packed, the supporters electrified, and the noise deafening at the news that we had raised $4.2 million since morning. Ron was shocked and thrilled. By the time the day ended, an amazing $6.4 million had come in–$7.4 million in today’s dollars. The grassroots Ron Paulians had pulled it off, as they did so much else, and the establishment was dumb-struck. Those were great days!