Monday, April 27, 2015

Ron Paul: Stop the Wars on Drugs & Terrorism

-Adam Dick
Speaking April 11 in Austin at the University of Texas, former presidential candidate and United States House of Representatives member Ron Paul stressed the importance of ending the Federal Reserve. In particular, Paul explains how the Fed allows the US to pursue “perpetual war” and to put war profiteers in the military-industrial complex “on the gravy train.”

Paul, who serves as Chairman of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, made his remarks regarding the Federal Reserve and its relationship to war in a wide-ranging presentation before an audience including hundreds of college students. Paul’s presentation was part of the “Stop the Wars on Drugs and Terrorism” conference sponsored by the Future of Freedom Foundation and Young Americans for Liberty.

Watch here Paul’s discussion of the dangers of the Federal Reserve, as well as his compelling examination of the US government’s unjustified wars both on people abroad and on the American people:
At the Future of Freedom Foundation’s YouTube page, you may also watch the speeches of journalists Glenn Greenwald and Radley Balko from the conference.