Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2015 Mises University

Your impact on students at Mises University

Care for some good news? (We all get more than enough bad news, thanks to leviathan governments.)

This summer will be our 29th year of Mises University. Over that time, thousands of young people — including almost everyone who is anyone in Austrian economics — have studied with us, and had their lives changed. They’ve come from all 50 states and 54 foreign countries, and from more than 500 colleges and universities. Thanks in large part to Mises U, around the world we are making huge progress because we tell the truth.

Give today! Good students, even if they don’t have the knowledge to refute all the lies coming from Washington — and London, Tokyo, and Brasília — understand that something is drastically wrong. They love truth and freedom, and come to Auburn looking for answers. They refuse to be pigeonholed and defamed and ask questions. These are the young people who come to Mises University.

These students are smart, principled, and hungry for the truth. They’re a good teacher’s dream. No wonder Mises University also attracts the best teachers of Austrian economics and libertarianism in the world.

But as you can imagine, something like Mises U is not cheap. In 2015, our cost will be more than $245,000. This covers student scholarships, professors and their travel, dormitory housing, food, books, and all the other expenses to run a first-rate program.

Won’t you help us with your most generous contribution to the 2015 Mises University?

2014 Mises University students
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