Tuesday, May 5, 2015

EMPIRE OF LIES: The Ron Paul Documentary

-Robert Wenzel
Great news!

New York Times best-selling author Charles Goyette has launched a campaign to fund a major new documentary about Ron Paul and his ideas about liberty.

Charles emails:

Ron has been approached many time to cooperate in a documentary project like this, but he hasn’t been comfortable that the filmmakers really understood the freedom philosophy, sound money and Austrian economics, and a non-interventionist foreign policy. I’m honored to have his confidence with this subject.

I felt it was crucial to fund this at the grassroots level. I have long experience in the world of corporate media, and am not willing to make the kind of weak story that might have resulted from such a venture. I want to keep this project independent and am turning to libertarians and Ron Paul supporters for their help.

Here are the full details:


-Tom Woods
Today is the official launch of the Empire of Lies: The Ron Paul Documentary project. Ron Paul hasn’t approved or collaborated with any such story of his life — until now.