Friday, May 1, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Jesse Trentadue’s 19-Year Fight for Justice
Against the FBI, for the truth about his brother’s murder and the OKC bombing.

There Is Nothing Surprising About Baltimore
It’s blowback.

The Greatest Danger in the World
It’s the US government, and the mindless young men who do its bidding, says Dana Visalli.

Smelling Rats
Christopher Westley on property rights and urban catastrophe.

Government Radio
How NPR promotes and excuses US aggression. Article by John V. Walsh.

Zombies Brought Down Mayan Civilization
And here goes America, too, says Bill Bonner.

Is It Racist?
To be an Englishman. Article by Derek Turner.

To Understand the Riots
Read Hayek’s Road to Serfdom, says Roger McKinney.

10 of the Most Ancient Pieces of Literature
Starting in 2400 BC, says Michael Van Duisen.

‘Denier’ James Delingpole Immortalized
On the Algorean Wall of Infamy.

Why Does Government Hate and Fear the Self-Reliant?
Because it’s a parasite, says Joshua Krause.

6,000 Pounds of Food Produced
By 1 family on 1/10 of an acre