Friday, May 8, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Saving the West After the Roman Imperium
With political break-up and a unified church.

No Mexican Food at Sci-Fi Movies
Gary North on new frontiers in PC.

When the Power Elite Wage War on Americans
This is how it will go down, says Brandon Smith.

Fire the NSA and Hire Anonymous
Advice from a man who helped create the US surveillance system.

Call US Radio Liberty What It Is
Radio Gestapo, says Paul Craig Roberts.

The Feds Make Financial War on Us
Ryan McMaken on what’s ahead.

The Bill-Hill Conspiracy
And the big 6 banks. Article by Nomi Prins.

US Threatens To Destroy Iran
If it does not roll over. This is nothing new, says Martin Armstrong.

It Controls Your Mood, Sleep, and Energy Level
Edward Group on your 3rd eye.

Another Danger of Sleep Apnea
But I forgot what it is.

World’s Smallest Working Gun
Bugs the controllers.

Marco Polo
His life and real, far-flung adventures.